Pharma Innovation Partnerships

Lacer Laboratorio Farmacéutico

LACER markets innovative products in the field of healthcare with the aim of benefiting thousands of patients and substantially improving their quality of life on a lasting basis.

To continue offering innovative new products to health professionals in Spain, LACER seeks to establish long-term partnership agreements and strategic alliances with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in the therapeutic areas LACER considers to be priorities: urology, gynaecology and musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health.

Our partners put their trust in LACER because of the commitment, speed and flexibility we show in each and every project, our in-depth knowledge of the market, our ethical promotion of all products and our commercial experience that has helped us achieve proven success.

     Photographs: José Irún

Lacer Personal Health


Lacer Personal Health has its own R&D&I team made up of experts in the development of oral health, hair care and dermatological products.

Key Products

Oral health

The main objective of the range is to care for our customers’ oral health and, at the same time, help them maintain good oral hygiene through formulas containing active ingredients with proven quality and safety, demonstrated efficacy in clinical studies and excellent organoleptic results. Millions of users of our products, many years of experience and our highly cited clinical studies all contribute to Lacer’s position as a leading oral health brand.


Hair and scalp care

The Pilexil brand includes a wide range of hair and scalp care products. The active ingredients used in our formulas are widely tolerated and have proven efficacy to offer optimum hair hygiene and intensive hair care for healthy, shiny and silky hair. Dermatologically tested, with proven efficacy in clinical trials. All products are suitable for men and women.



Skin care products

To soothe skin. This is the goal of our skin care products. We’ve all used the Talquistina brand at one time or another to relieve itchy, irritated skin or to soothe babies’ delicate skin. It started with classic pink talcum powder but the range now includes new formats such as cream, spray and lotion, all featuring the same efficacy and exceptional tolerance that have always characterized the brand.


Lacer Laboratorio Farmacéutico

Lacer Personal Health R&D&I is always open to innovation and conducts research to develop new, technologically advanced products with our characteristic scientific rigour. The group benefits from the advice of the medical department, which is also entrusted with defining and coordinating our clinical efficacy studies.

Safe use and efficacy are our fundamental principles. Our products are tested in clinical studies that comply with the guidelines set by regulatory bodies and the scientific community. This involves collaboration with prestigious universities and public and private research centres, both in Spain and abroad, to ensure that our products meet the required efficacy and safety levels and are satisfactory in terms of organoleptic properties and ease of use.