our Purpose

A co-creation process


We are committed to improve the health of people every day. We care for their well being because it matters to us and we are passionate about it.

We are dedicated to their whole health and that of the planet.

we are Lacer

We lead

We influence to make things happen, contributing to the progress of the organization and society. We are passionate, ambitious and courageous in the way we pursue the integral health of people. It’s what makes us enjoy what we do.

Open to change

We are flexible and open to new ideas and ways of working, to adapt and progress constantly. Our way of thinking and acting every day is that of the researcher. That is why we are always looking for new ideas and solutions.


We prioritize the common interest, facilitating collaboration among diverse individuals and teams, inside and outside the organization. We behave and communicate sincerely; we treat all people with respect, recognizing their contributions and staying true to our way of being a human company.


We focus on promoting people’s integral health through high quality, effective and safe products. We center on achieving the company’s strategic objectives by prioritizing the generation of value.


We assume our responsibilities because we care about people’s health. We act with determination and persistence, and we recommend our customers to do the same, taking care of their overall health. It is also the attitude we have towards our planet and other people, because we believe the future is made by creating value that is shared.