Lacer, S.A. is a Spanish company with an international scope that specializes in human healthcare

Our extensive field of action covers the pharmaceutical industry and includes the healthcare and personal care sectors. Furthermore, our cardiovascular products are the market leaders in Spain.

Our values

Rigor, Responsibility and Professionalism

We keep our promises

We are persevering, serious, meticulous, punctual and, above all, precise and reliable.


We are driven by that spirit of self-improvement

We work with the ambition to surpass the objectives that we have set for ourselves. We are resolute and efficient.


We establish stable, lasting and positive relationships

We are honest and respectful. We value our colleagues, clients and suppliers, and we treat them in the same considerate way that we would like to be treated.


We seek to be one step ahead

We are creative, restless, curious and demanding. We are nonconformist, and we are constantly exploring innovative solutions and pathways to progress.

Orientation toward the client

The client is our raison d’être

We are competent, know how to listen and respond effectively. We have a clear vocation of service, and our objective is to have satisfied and convinced clients by offering quality products and providing excellent service.


We always try to do the right thing

We are loyal, honest and frank with each and every one of ourselves and in our relationships with everybody else. We operate within the letter and spirit of our commitments and the law.