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Behavior criteria

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Compliance with the law and corporate norms

LACER’s members are responsible for being familiar with and complying with the laws and the norms applicable to their area of activity.

We assume responsibility for informing ourselves and training ourselves in the corporate policies and ethical norms and the deontological character that apply to each activity.

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Policy of respect and non-discrimination

In LACER we maintain an atmosphere of respect, dignity and equal opportunity for personal and profesional development, with this being a commitment for which we all bear responsibility. We do not tolerate conduct that is considered bullying or intimidation, whether sexual or any other type.

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Conflict of Interest

At LACER, we always act with integrity and respond solely to the business interests of LACER, avoiding any situation in which the decision may be  influenced by a personal interest, and if that could be the case, the decision is brought forward to LACER’s board of directors before the situation can arise.

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Codes of ethics specific to our business sector

LACER operates in distinct areas of activity in which there are specific codes of a deontological nature, to which LACER adheres voluntarily and to which one commits to follow. Specifically (and among others), LACER’s promotional activity is guided by the current codes of FARMAINDUSTRIA [national trade association of the Spanish-based pharmaceutical industry] and the Asociación para el Autocuidado de la Salud, ANEFP.

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Relationship with the professional community

LACER is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in its products and services, as well as to fairly competing in the market. To that end, LACER nurtures its relationship with its key partners and seek suppliers that honour their commitments, respect the independence of healthcare professionals and act transparently vis-à-vis the authorities.

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Protection of information and Confidentiality

At LACER we have established policies for the protection of confidential information with the objective of guaranteeing the integrity of our workers and the property of LACER and to protect LACER’s reputation before third parties.

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Handling of financial Information

The financial statements of LACER are audited annually by independent enterprises of renowned prestige. The information included in the management reports and in the annual accounts is formulated according to the requirements and principles established in the conceptual framework of the current General Accounting Plan, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the IFRS, as well as by the internal criteria of the Enterprise.

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Environmental responsibility

LACER is an enterprise that is firmly committed to protecting and respecting the environment, permanently attempting to reduce the negative impacts while achieving maximum efficiency from energy and natural resources.

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Stewardship of means and Resources

All LACER employees are aware of the importance of protecting, caring for and adequately using the means and resources that are owned by LACER, both material and immaterial assets and the working capital, as well as means and resources that LACER makes available to us to carry out our professional activity.

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Intellectual and Industrial property

LACER is the owner and/or holder of exploitation and usage rights of trademarks, patents, registry dossiers, information programs and other types of know-how, as well as the works and rights created, developed, perfected or used by its professionals within the framework of its work activity.

Non-Financial Report

We report our economic, social and environmental results in a transparent way, keeping our commitment to transparency, sustainability and positive social impact

NFR 2021 NFR January-June 2022

Transfers of value

Lacer, as a company affiliated with Farmaindustria, is subject to the Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Good Practices. In accordance with the duties of transparency set out in this Code, Lacer publishes every year the transfers of value made to healthcare professionals, both in order to contribute to their continuing education for the benefit of patients, and in return for the services rendered to Lacer. The sole purpose of disclosing this information is to fulfil this duty, and the data of the health professionals published therein may not be processed for any other purpose. Lacer also publishes the value transfers made for the benefit of health organizations and patient organizations every year.

Information on transfers of value

Financial year Value transfer
2020 2020 Data
2019 2019 Data

Methodological note

Methodological note