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Itching and irritated skin

Tattooed skin

The soothing and calming action of Talquistina provides relief from itching in skin irritated by external causes.

Lacer’s products are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and irritated skin.

Producto Talquistina crema Lacer


The soothing action of calamine provides effective relief from itching in irritated or sensitized skin, and Rhamnosoft provides anti-irritant properties and reduces redness.

Producto Talquistina Talco Lacer


Powder that relieves itching in skin irritated or sensitized by external causes such as chafing, excessive sweating, insect bites and sun exposure.

Talquistina Loción Lacer


Contains calamine and Rhamnosoft to relieve itchy skin caused by day-to-day factors such as shaving, chafing, sensitive skin and dry skin. Fluid texture for easy application and rapid absorption.


Lotion for daily care of tattooed skin. Keeps the definition and colors of the tattoo. 24-hour hydration. Sun protection factor25.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


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